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" The Worlds Most Powerful, Greenest & Cleanest Carpet Cleaning System" 


There is no other carpet cleaning system that can beat this.


Why? Truck MOunted Carpet Cleaning Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning System in Action">


Fuelled Greener & Cleaner LPG.


LPG can be found naturally. About 60% of UK LPG is a by-product of the natural gas extraction process. The environmental and economic benefits of using this supply locally rather than exporting it are substantial. LPG engines are also much quieter and run much more efficiently.


Deeper, more thorough cleaning.


Truck mounts are renowned for their power and speed of operation. In comparison Truck Mounts operate at around 300-500 PSI, portables are around 50-120 PSI with a 'Standard Professional'  portable machine. 


Quicker drying times.


The average cleaning solution temperature with a truck mount is 200F-250F compared to a 'Standard Professional'  portable which is 70F-150F


The water extraction lift is 250-300 CFM compared to 60-180 CFM with portables. 


Truck mount carpet cleaning dries around 50% quicker than 'Standard Professional' portable machines. 



The machine is kept OUTSIDE  your premises in our van, so there is no dirty air blowing from the machine exhaust inside your house.


Fully Self Contained. With a Truck Mount we take all the dirty water away with us, (not put it down your loo!) We provide all our own clean water (not take it from your kitchen sink!) And we use our own power (not yours!). 


We can carry out carpet cleaning jobs with no water supply and no electric supply


Better For Your Carpets. Also with the extra power of a truck mount we use safer, more mild carpet cleaning products which is better for your carpet and the environment. 


...Don't get us wrong Portables are very good professional carpet cleaning machines, we still use them and, in certain conditions portables are better. But if Truck Mounts are so good why aren't all carpet cleaning companies using them?

They are around 10 times more expensive to purchase than portables. Or you can buy up- to 10 Portables for the price of one Truck Mount.


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Once you have seen this system you will not go back to any other.

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Compare the different carpet cleaning systems:


Dry Compound. Cleans 20%-40% of carpet depth.


Bonnet Buff (Dry Chemical). Cleans 30%-50% of carpet depth.


Rotary Shampoo. Cleans 35%-65% of carpet depth.


Hot Water Extraction. (Portables & Truck Mounts.) Cleans 70%-100% of carpet depth.


Please note all above percentages are approximate.


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