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Eco Professional Spot & Stain Remover. £9.95

The Greenest, Safest and Best Spot & Stain Remover Ever, or it's Free

This is the best spot and stain remover you will ever use. Give it a try, if your not super impressed return it to us for a fulll refund!

This is the product WE USE for most of our professional stain removal & spotting.
The cleaning is achieved by 'micro-splitting' the soil particles without the use of enzymes or detergents. It is sparingly applied to the spot or stain, lightly agitated and absorbed with a kitchen towel or micro cloth.

NO Bleaching agents. NO Optical brighteners. NO Detergents - it will not leave any sticky shampoo or detergent residues. NO 'Dwell Time' required - It works on contact and continues to work until completely dry. Non-foaming and odour-free. Because of the low levels of moisture required it is ideal for low-moisture cleaning and Hot Water Extraction alike. Because it is free-rinsing, NO in-tank additive is required when extraction cleaning. IS compatible with all protective treatments such as Solugard ®, Scotchgard ® etc. IS completely non-toxic. Being formulated entirely from food-grade ingredients it is safe for humans and animals.

Subject to normal pre-testing, it can be applied to all water and colour-fast surfaces of natural or synthetic fibres.

The stain removal spectrum is immense and includes aerosol soil residues in wall and door areas, grease, beverage stains, protein, dispersion paints, mustard, oil, ketchup, rust and much more. In case of stains which cause a fibre/colour reaction, for example coffee, urine, etc., the success of the spot removal may be limited.

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Rug Underlay

For safety and comfort

Foxi Super Plus rug underlay
We sell Foxi Super Plus underlay for rugs. It's dual purpose and works to keep rugs safely in place on hard floors as well as stopping rugs creeping on fitted carpet. You can see from the picture that it's quite thin to reduce the risk of tripping.

If your rug slips, rucks, is wavy, has folds, or goes out of shape, we have the solution: Foxi.
Works on hard floors and carpet.
Just £12.50+vat Sq-Mtr.
Just call us 020 8687 1711

We'll cut it to size and deliver free with any rug we clean. This product works really well!


For Luxurious Comfort

We sell Monarch underlay for rugs. This is a great product that's best for larger rugs but feels great whatever size. It's a layer of crumb rubber topped with a bonded felt top (sounds like an ice cream) Its only about 5 mm thick but it's makes the rug feel very springy to walk on.


This rug underlay is not specifically made to stop rugs from slipping, but because of the rubber backing it's much better than having the rug unsecured.

Call us on 020 8687 1711 with the size if your rug and we will cut it to size for you. Just £12.50 Sq-Mtr ...Delivery Free with every rug we clean or within a 10 mile radius of Mitcham, Surrey. Call 020 8687 1711 to order.

Click here for our Specialist Rug Cleaning Service

Natural Cotton Barrier Door Mat. £19.95

Cotton Pile Door Mat
100% Cotton Pile.
Super flexi rubber backing.
Suitable for indoor use.
Absorbs moisture / helps to capture dust from footwear.
Provides a barrier to dirt spreading around the home / office.
Machine Washable at 40 degrees C ( check Machine specification and capacity before washing)

Made entirely from natural, sustainable materials, so the shades are soft and subtle, which tones with any colour scheme.

But it’s not just the designs that will make a visible difference to your home. These mats soak up wet and dirt so effectively that your floors stay cleaner for longer.

Professional Sebo 36 vacuum cleaner. £299.95

Sebo Vacuum CleanerSEBO BS36 twin motor upright vacuum cleaners have been developed to give excellent performance, outstanding reliability and easy maintenance. Their low weight and wide heads make it easy to clean wide areas quickly and without fatigue.


- Twin motor. Separate suction and brush motor
- Suction motor 1300 watt
- Brush motor 150 watt
- Timing belt with electronic protection
- Electronic guidance for optimum brush height
- Changeable brush strip
- Housing of strong ABS
- Cleans when flat
- Hose with integrated wand
- Bag full warning light BENEFITS
- Effective and trouble free operation
- All round cleaning ability
- Economic servicing
- Durable.

Perfect Carpet Care Package. £309.95

* Professional Sebo 36 vacuum cleaner £299.95
* Natural Cotton Barrier Door Mat £19.95
* Eco Master Spot & Stain Remover £7.95
* Total Package Savings £17.90

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