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The Most Thorough Cleaning Ever Seen, Or It’s FREE!

“That’s right, you’ll receive the most thorough cleaning ever! Our home and office cleaning is the best and most thorough you could ever have – if you don’t agree we’ll return and re-clean for FREE.”!

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10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Our Company To Clean Your Home or Office…


We offer a lot more than the most thorough cleaning ever and a complete satisfaction guarantee. If we miss a spot or anything else, we will promptly return to re-clean it at our cost. If you are still not satisfied we will refund your money.

Cleaning is carried out daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending what is most suitable to you, performed by the same cleaners every time.

We take all the time needed to clean every square inch thoroughly. If you have had companies rush in and out in 15 minutes in the past you will be surprised to find out how long it takes to do the job properly.

You don’t have to worry about supplying all that “stuff”. We supply out own professional cleaning products every time. We use professional cleaning tools, equipment, materials and cleaning supplies that are effective, efficient and safe.

No two homes or offices are exactly the same, even if identical in size and layout. We first visit your office to determine you specific needs. If you have (or had) a cleaning service, we like to learn what you liked or disliked about your previous cleaners. Together, we’ll determine the best way to meet your needs and expectations.

None of this “I will be there between noon and five PM“ We will give you an appointment time of half an hour to an hour window of arrival. And we will call to let you know when we are on our way to you!

I usually have an opening to visit you within a week.

You can ring us anytime. We are available to take your calls during the day, evening and weekend. If you get our answering machine we will call you back as soon as possible.

We promise no high-pressure sales gimmicks. The prices we quote you are fully inclusive. There are no extras - it includes all the solutions, machinery and man-power we need to get the job done right. We only have one standard of cleaning – thorough, professional & exhaustive.

All our staff are employed by us and screened, professionally trained, fully insured – and motivated by your satisfaction of their work.

Our company is locally owned and operated. Our cleaners are employees – not sub-contracted or agency workers. Your assigned cleaner will always show up, neatly groomed and attired, on your scheduled cleaning day.

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email info@directcleaners.com quote ref 150/395

What our Customers Say about Us ….. We look forward to receiving yours

“No mess-Excellent result having not been cleaned for 10 years. Now looks like new carpet. Cannot see that you need to improve your service. Again excellent Thank you.” Mrs Singleton, Mitcham

“Operator went about his work very unobtrusively and cleaned many nooks and crannies that we did not expect,. Very nice man" Miss Edwards, Mitcham

“Very efficient cleaning equipment, good operator. Satisfactory service at reasonable price” Mr Bhattatharya, Merton Park

Special Offer – Your 1st Clean Free

Try us FREE to make sure we are the right company for you!

If after tyring our cleaning services you are not totally thrilled and amazed at how we work, we will not expect you to pay us a single penny.
When you book a written quotation for our weekly cleaning service you will receive your first clean FREE as a 'Try Befire You Buy' offer.

We want you to be 100% totally thrilled, give us a try you have absolutely nothing to lose but the dirt!

Call now on 0800 056 2332 now for your FREE cleaning quote. email: info@directcleaners.com quote ref 150/395
email info@directcleaners.com quote ref 150/395

Why Should you Use My Cleaning Company?

If all you want is quick surface cleaning for the cheapest price possible, please call someone else. My specialised cleaning process is designed for companies who have an environment they care about. This is why: When you call, we will schedule a convenient time for you. We want the service to be completed when it is most convenient for you which is why we also work evenings and weekends. This process is designed to ensure your happiness. Let us take the work out of the cleaning for you!

Cleaning is not just for appearance -

Here are five facts about cleaning for Health & Reducing Sick Building Syndrome….

Fact One: Why is asthma, SBS and allergies on the Increase?
Today the indoor environment is more airtight and warmer than ever. Double glazing and central heating have created a perfect breeding ground for bugs, bacteria and dust mite. This creature is generally accepted as being the major cause of asthma, illnesses and allergies.

Fact Two: Why pick on the dust mite?
Modern buildings are a perfect place for Dustmites, bugs and bacteria to breed. Dustmites excretes about ten to twenty pieces of faeces a day and along with dead dust mites make up a large proportion of the dust in the air you breathe in, in your home and office.

Fact Three: Ventilated buildings are healthier.

Some years ago buildings were colder and draughtier (who remembers frost on the inside windows in winter) this helped keep dust mite and bugs numbers down and people feel healthier.

Fact Four: Your office carpet is your friend.
Recently people have been urged to rip up their carpets and replace them with hard floors. We say this is wrong, wrong, wrong. When you move, your body causes the dust mites and their faeces to fly in the air and eventually settle. Some back where they were but an awful lot on the floor. On carpets this isn’t so much of a problem but on hard floors they are just lying there waiting to get wafted into the air for you to breathe again. Carpets tend to hold the dust and filter the air. But when the carpet is full it needs professional cleaning.

Fact Five: Why all the hype and worry about asthma and Sick Building Syndrome.
The rate at which people develop asthma has rocketed in recent years. It is estimated that soon over half of all children and adults may suffer from it. Asthma is not a disease that can be cured as such. The only medication for it is for relief of the symptoms. There is no cure. Once a someone becomes sensitised by the allergens in the air he or she will have that sensitivity for the rest of their life.

Call 0800 056 2332 now for your FREE cleaning quote. email info@directcleaners.com quote ref 150/395

More... What our Customers Say about Us …..

We look forward to receiving yours

“Prompt Time Keeping, Work very carefully done good end result. Very good service. We are both very pleased. Thankyou” Mr Parr, Merton Park

“You delivered on your promise, arrived on time, worked very efficiently with a smile. The results were better than I could have hoped for with our carpets. Will definitely use you again & recommend you" Natalie Ford, Merton

“Quick Appointment Available. Friendly Staff” James Aldris, Morden

“Reliable, Polite, Thorough, Good & Trustworthy” Nicola Merry, Wimbledon

“All staff tried to fit in with my busy work schedule and were very helpful.” Sue Luck, Wimbledon

“Apart from the wonderful clean, arriving on time was great - both for cleaning & quote” Mrs Trebble, Wimbledon

Call 0800 056 2332 now for your FREE cleaning quote. Quote Ref 150/395
email info@directcleaners.com quote ref 150/395

Thanks Kevin Goodwin
ps Call now, you have nothing to lose but the dirt.
pps For every 48 month contract you will get all your carpets cleaned FREE OF CHARGE.
ppps All work has our Iron-Clad guarantee, if you are not happy, we'll clean again, if you're still not happy, it's free.

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