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Rug Cleaning

We love rugs and professionally clean almost every type of rug there is at our fine Rug Cleaning plant

ATTENTION: Does your Rug need cleaning but you don’t know who to trust? Then this is for you…

Here’s why a South London and Surrey based fine Rug cleaning company are risking their livelihood to prove their service is the best in your area…

Dear Homeowner,

If your Rug is looking drab… If you’re embarrassed to have guests over in case they notice those stains… If you feel like you need to do something about it, but you don’t want a whole new Rug — and you think fine Rug cleaning is either ineffective or full of cowboys… you need to read this page carefully…

The Rug Cleaning Process

There are many ways in which to tackle the cleaning of a fine rug, and for every fine rug cleaning plant there seems to be a variation on the cleaning process!
Without doubt all the cleaning processes are based around how the rugs were traditionally cleaned.


Our Rug Cleaning Process…Fine Rug Cleaning Inspection


Rug Cleaning Pre-Inspection

All rugs are carefully inspected and tested for colour fastness, stain and soil identification and any weak or damaged areas.

We then determine the fibre content and construction of the rug to determine any cleaning considerations. The overall condition of the Rug is fully checked and documented.
Choose/use the most suitable cleaning method; Submersed, Shampoo, Encapsulation, Dry Compound, Solvent, Absorbent Pad, Hot or Cold Water Extraction, High Pressure cleaning. Traditionally, rugs could have been cleaned in streams or rivers etc!

Rug Badger Dusting 1Remove dry soil

This is done by gently beating/massaging the back of the carpet to shake out the dry soil. This is similar to the beating process traditionally used to remove dry dust from rugs.

Treat spots & stainsFine Rug Stain Removal

All stains are pre-treated with a very high success rate of removal.

Apply pre-treatments

The pre-treatment helps to breakdown carbon soils, pollen, tobacco, foot traffic, grease, oils, tars etc. All products are woolsafe and environmentally friendly.

Rug Rinse


A fresh water rinse followed by an acidic rinse process is carried out to remove all pre-treatment products, soil and to stabilise the colours and condition.

Check for any remaining spots, stain or soiling

Now is the time to thoroughly inspect the rug to make sure ALL removable stains and soils have been removed.

Groom and reset the pile

The pile is now groomed and reset.


Speed Dry the RugRug Drying

In hot countries rugs are rapidly dried by leaving them out in the sun. Unfortunately we cannot rely on the weather in the UK so we use Air Beds, Air Movers, Hangers and de-humidifiers to assist with the drying process.

Finish and final inspection of the rug

We use a moisture tester to make sure the rug is fully dry. Also a final dry towel test will make sure the rug is totally clean.

Optional Protective Finish

For the perfect finish a stain protector treatment can be added to the rug to help remove everyday soils when vacuuming and assist with removing spills/stains etc.

We also provide a  12 month call out service to assist you with any spillages or accidents should they happen.

Wrap the rug for returning to the client

The rug is wrapped to keep it clean, safe and secure in transit.

Insurance & Guarantee

Use our fine rug cleaning service risk free. All rugs are cleaned and cared for by skilled, knowledgeable and experienced technicians.

All rugs we clean come with an automatic 30 day stain, accident and spillage guarantee. If anything should happen to the rug up to 30 days after we’ve cleaned it, you can contact us and we will treat it for you.

Our Prices

Prices range from £2.50 – £6.50 per sq-ft of the total rug size. This includes a full inspection, collection, full cleaning process as above, return, insurance and full guarantee.

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Contact us now  on 020 8685 1721020 8685 1721 to arrange your NO OBLIGATION SURVEY and FREE written quotation.

If you would like your rug to be correctly cared for, fully cleaned and returned to a like-new condition, I invite you to contact us NOW.

Your rug will be treated with the utmost respect, carefully treated and restored to it’s former glory!

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Here’s the story…


I know it’s not easy being a homeowner in the South London and Surrey area who’s trying to find a good honest Rug cleaner… especially with work and family commitments. In fact, sometimes it just seems like another thing on the list to get done…


And when you think about finding a Rug cleaner to do a good job, and not rip you off, it can seem a bit overwhelming.


So I just want to take a minute and let you know everything is going to be fine.


How can I say this? Because I know how you feel. Finding a good tradesman wasn’t easy for me either, just like it isn’t easy for you now.

That’s why I decided to do things differently with my Rug cleaning business.

As the Proprietor of Direct Cleaners, I’m doing what some consider to be outrageous or unbelievable. Let me explain…


You see, there are so many “Rogue Trader” Rug cleaners around the South London and Surrey area, claiming to be “experts” or “the best”, it’s almost impossible for the average person to tell the difference between a true professional and a con artist.

…And if you’ve ever had problems with rogue Rug cleaners (or tradesmen in general), you’ll know what I mean.


The good news is that it’s not your fault. There’s simply not enough information around for you to make your own mind up these days… and many Rug cleaners in the industry don’t help the Good Guys like us by using unethical and illegal selling tactics like “bait and switch”.


So I decided to do something special because I know how you feel…


Because I know finding a good tradesman is like shooting in the dark…


And because I know how hard it can be to identify the Good Guys, I decided to do something radical.


The first thing I did was write the Rug Cleaning Secrets report to show people just like you how to avoid the scams and cowboys.


It’s completely free if you join our community newsletter below.

You’ll learn:


The 4 main Rug cleaning rip-offs in South London and Surrey that most consumers like you, totally miss.


6 scary misconceptions about Rug cleaning that keep your Rug dirty and the cowboys rich.


The reason why 99% of householders don’t know which method really cleans a Rug best (hint: it’s not what you think!)


Direct Cleaners4 essential steps you must take to keep your Rug clean and free from disease.

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I put my business on the line and decided to let the whole of South London and Surrey know how serious my team and I are about doing an outstanding job at cleaning your Rug, as well as taking care of you after the job.

This is where the Double 100% No-Risk Guarantee was born. It’s very simple and puts you in control.


Here’s how it works…


1 – If you aren’t happy with our work, we’ll re-clean the whole area for free.

2 – If you still aren’t pleased, you pay nothing – we refund what you have paid!


It’s the best way to literally put our money where our mouth is, and stand by what we say. As a customer, it’s an easy way for you to identify a good honest business.


So our guarantee proves you’ll be using a reputable, honest local business — but why should you have your Rug cleaned?

What’s in it for you?


By using Direct Cleaners, you’ll get:
Direct Cleaners Your Rug restored to as good as the day it was laid. Imagine the looks on your friends and family’s faces when you tell them your Rug isn’t new, it’s the original – just cleaner!


Direct Cleaners Your Rug will last much longer. Clean Rugs last longer because dirt is abrasive, destroys Rug fibres and is the single biggest reason why Rugs wear out. By keeping your Rug clean, you increase its lifetime by many years.


Direct CleanersA healthier home. Clean Rugs are healthier. All kinds of tiny bugs, mites, and nasty chemicals stay in your Rug no matter how much you mop it yourself.


After cleaning thousands of Rugs for many years, you get to know what works and what doesn’t. As a member of WoolSafe and the NCCA, your Rug couldn’t be in safer hands.


This means you’ll get honest professional advice about the best way to get your Rug clean and healthy. We don’t get paid commissions to use one particular method, and we certainly don’t use untested “flavour of the month” chemicals like other Rug cleaners.


As you can imagine, these benefits along with our no risk guarantee have most people reaching for their mouse to book a quote immediately. But before you book your quote below, you may have some questions.


In fact, I guess if you and I were just talking you might have some questions about your Rug and us cleaning it for you. Since we’re not sitting face to face, let me answer a few commonly asked questions…

Answers to questions you might have…


Q: Are you expensive?

A: No. We’re not the very cheapest either though. The price we’ll quote you will be a fair one, which will reflect the amount of work required to get you the very best results. There are cheaper companies around offering “special deals”, which usually end up with you paying more for “extras” when you get the bill, or just a poorly cleaned Rug.

Q: Is the guarantee real?

A: We get asked this question a lot, and the answer is a resounding ‘YES’! It’s really simple and puts you firmly in the driving seat: If you’re not entirely satisfied with our work, we’ll re-do the area for free… And if you’re still not satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked — no funny business.


Q: Will you leave me with a wet Rug?

A: No. Sometimes the Rug may be a little damp to the touch for a couple of hours, but definitely not wet.

Q: I’ve got some really stubborn stains – will these be removed?

A: This depends. When you have us round for a quote, show us the stains and we’ll give you an honest assessment. On the rare occasions where we think we CAN’T remove the stain, we’ll let you know, and tell you what to expect. You can then make your decision based on the fac

Q: Are you insured?

A: This almost goes without saying, as we consider this to be standard for any professional. However, some people still ask… so for the record, yes. We carry full public liability insurance, so you’re completely covered if any bad happens.

Q: Are you members of a trade association?

A: Yes we’re members of the NCCA which is the highly regarded Cleaners Association. We also hold the Institute for Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and WOOLSAFE. This is a recognised qualification that requires experience, study and written exams.


If you have any more questions, then I invite you to give us a call on 020 8687 1711 where we’ll be happy to answer them for you.

If you’re still in two minds whether to use us or not, let me completely remove the risk for you…


I understand it’s a big decision to let a stranger in your home to do ANY kind of work… And like you, I’m always a bit wary of being ripped off.


So I wanted to put you at ease and shoulder any concerns you may have by offering the “Double 100% Risk Free Guarantee”…


This way, you really can’t lose. The very worst that’ll happen is you’ll get your Rug cleaned for free!
Here’s what some of our previous customers say about our service:


There are hundreds of customers, just like these people here, who love our service and keep coming back to us.


If you’d ever like to speak to some previous customers on the phone please call us on 0208 687 17110208 687 1711 to arrange to it.

See for yourself what other people in South London and Surrey are saying about us…

Great Service. On time & did a great job. Will definitely recommend you.
Michelle, Balham


Kevin arrived on time – he was courtious & there was no pressure to have more than promised.
Mrs Wharram, Cheam


Looked fresh & clean afterwards.
Gary Cook, Putney


Very impressed. Also service was excellent, I was very pleased that I could be fitted into the program the next day when the equipment broke down. Thank you.
Sally Heap, Sutton.


Have used you for many years, and would always use your services.
Mrs Cusane, Caterham.


Very good, helpful, and polite.
Mrs Didcock, Carshalton.


No complaints at all, excellent timing, help and services.
Mrs Carr,  Mitcham.


Technicians were professional in their approach and caused little disruption. The clean itself was far better than we had anticipated. Thank you for a good job, Well done.
Mrs McAndrew, Mitcham Health Centre.


I am very satisfied with the service provided. Would definitely have you again for any Rug cleaning.
Mrs Ball, Morden.


You are providing an excellent service and we are very pleased.
Mrs Richardson, Coulsdon.


Very professional service. Could not be improved. Very satisfied customer.
Mrs Grant, Banstead.


I was impressed that Kevin seems to have a through understanding and knowledge.
It is helpful that I always talk to him directly and the service is immediate. A visit to quote the day after I phoned, and the job done less than a week later. I am very pleased.
Mrs Wise, SW11.


Fantastic! We are thrilled with the results. Congratulation Kevin, and as a small business ourselves, we are keen to support others in the same position, so we will certainly use you again.
Natalie Medd, SW12.


It was appreciated of a quick response to my initial enquiry, freepost, prompt attention and time keeping. I would use your services again and would certainly recommend your company.
Mrs Whitehouse, Croydon.


Your service was excellent and I shall use you again and recommend you to friends. I also think your marketing effects are outstanding. I’m sure your company will go from strength to strength.
Mrs Netherwood, SW4.


Very satisfied with the service provided, Mick was very hard working and friendly, Thank you.
Mrs Evans, SW19


We are thoroughly delighted with your work;  I am telling people I know. Best of luck with your business, you certainly do very well and we highly commend you.
Mrs Hussain, Kent.


Very impressed I just didn’t think you’d manage to get all the stains out.
Mr Fairbrother, Carshalton.


Very prompt and efficient service, My Rugs look like new. Thank you.
Mrs Wishart, Carshalton.


I was very pleased with the quality of the cleaning and the professionalism in my dealings with you.
Mrs Dalton, Camberwell.


Very pleased thank you for doing a great job Kevin.
Nadine, SW14.


I am thoroughly pleased with the results.
Mr Blyth, SW19.


I was extremely impressed with the level of service I received from Kevin. I contacted many other companies whilst research and booking. The job and Kevin’s service far outweighed all the others, both in terms of friendliness, professionalism, and informative answers to my questions. The finished results were outstanding, particularly my Lounge which was over expectations. I will definitely use you again.
Mrs Charles, SW16.


Excellent service, our Rugs were mush cleaner that the previous company we used before. We will definitely use your services again. Thank very much.
Mr Bailey, Teddington.


Pleased with the results, restored to it’s original colour.
Jane, SW12.


Very pleased with the results, I felt Kevin took a real pride in his work and was also genuinely pleased that he had managed to remove some awkward stains.
Mr Cerny, Surrey


The job was done very professionally with excellent results.
Mr Beatie, SW17.


Very pleased with your work, and services, I would certainly recommend you to any friends and family who may want their Hard Floors etc cleaned in the future.
Mr Ellis, Croydon.


Very impressed will use your services again.
Mr Hebden, Croydon.


They look immaculate throughout the house, well done.Predeeta, Camberwell.


We are very pleased with the results, especially the removal of those unsightly stubborn stains.

Mrs Grieve, SW17.


Very good service, lots of clear information.
Mrs Dell, Croydon.


Excellent work.
Mrs Crabtree, Kent.


Very impressed by efficiency of the company, and coming out to inspect after service.
Mrs Veazey, SW16


When my family returned home they could not believe how clean the floors looked. It looked brand new. Everyone is now careful with carrying around the house food and drink. Thanks again.
Mrs Samuels, Mitcham.


I was completely satisfied and will not hesitate to recommended the company to family and friends.
I thought the service was excellent throughout, We will certainly be repeat customers at some stage.
Mr Broughton, Kenley.


The service you provided has been carried out efficiently from my initial telephone call through to the completion of cleaning.
Mrs Raper, Coulsdon


Excellent service, Hard Floors look great, will definitely recommend you and call you back. Very good in general.
Mr Vessey, Croydon.


Your service is very good and efficient. A fine job,  I would definitely recommend Kevin’s service to others.
Mr Berger, Surrey.


Excellent service, cannot be improved.
Mr Connolly, Surrey.


The service was very good, looks almost new. It was very good to be treated honestly and considerately with no pressure to buy.
Mr Penn, Surrey.


Here’s what to do now…


If you want…


Your Rug to be the cleanest its ever been since to day it was laid


To increase the lifespan of your Rug by years,


You want to remove the dangerous creepy creatures and chemicals in your Rug,


By a nationally accredited, fully insured Rug cleaner with many years experience,


And be guaranteed an amazing job with our double 100% guarantee…


Then book your free, no obligation quote by calling 020 8687 1711, or email info@directcleaners.com