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Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance

This Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance system is ideal for carpet tiles, low profile carpets and carpet maintenance.



Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance is carried out in areas where you need the benefits of deep cleaning AND super fast drying, nothing can beat this system.



• Cleans, and applies biocidal disinfects & anti-static treatments
• Leaves no re-soiling sticky residues


• Guaranteed not to shrink, stretch or split seams
• Environmentally friendly


• Low moisture levels
• Carpets dry in 30 minutes



• Up to 60% reduction in cleaning time


How It Works

This commercial carpet cleaning & maintenance system uses a fine solution of advance cleaner that is applied to the fibre. This immediately wets out and starts to break down the bond between the oil film and dirt bound to the fibre.


Once the thermal pad has been preheated in a safe neutraliser solution which is applied to the pre-sprayed area creating an exothermic reaction which draws the soil to the service where the pad can absorb it.


This commercial carpet cleaning & maintenance system has been approved by Interface Europe, and other leading carpet manufactures.


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