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Carpet Stain Protection

Now your carpet is all clean and been covered in a protective coating, what does that mean?


Well, this stain protection treatment called Promite leaves an invisible shield over your carpet.


Your carpet will be as protected as it’s ever going to be from things like soil that comes in from the outside on the bottom of your shoes. It goes into the fibres, but it doesn’t stay, it doesn’t get knitted into the bottom of the fibres. It means when you vacuum it, it will clean out really easily.


Dust Mites, they can’t survive in this either, and the best one of all… just watch this. Cranberry juice, on both a protected and non-protected piece of carpet. Oh dear, spilt it on the carpets! Guess which one isn’t protected…


I just have time to go to the kitchen and get myself some kitchen roll.


And, look at that, as if by magic, you’d never know the Cranberry juice was spilled.


But, I’m afraid, the unprotected piece of carpet is going to need some serious cleaning.


Promite protects against water and oil spillages like drinks and food, everyday soiling and dust mites, making your home cleaner and healthier.


You will get a FREE bottle of out Eco Spot & Stain remover with every application of Promite.

Direct Cleaners also backs this stain protection up with a 12 month guarantee.


So if you get any stains of spillages you are unable to remove, you can call us pout free of charge to deal with the stain for you.


This is a GREAT product and a GREAT service.