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Amtico Cleaning, Restoration and Dressing

Amtico cleaning, restoration & dressing for homes and businesses in London & Surrey

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Specialist in Amtico cleaning, restoration and dressing & maintenance of your Amtico and Karndean and hard floors since 1991.


Trained & Certified in Maintenance and Restoration by Amtico International


We will provide you with a free consultation, advise and a full written quotation and 100% guarantee, along with our recommendations on the best way to clean, restore and maintain your Amtico and Karndean floors.

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We can also provide you with specialist Amtico products to help keeps you floors looking great on an on-going bases. These include Amtico Maintainer, Amtico Coating and the most efficient tools to make the maintenance of your Amtico floors easy for you.

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Amtico cleaning, restoration & dressing for homes and businesses in London & Surrey

Services Include:

  1. Complete deep cleaning and restoration of your Amtico & Karndean floors.
  2. Periodic cleaning to revive tired or dull looking floors the need a revive.
  3. Amtico cleaning, restoration and dressing.
  4. On-going maintenance to keep your floors looking great all year round.
  5. Free help and advice on the best products to use for maintaining your floors on a regular bases.

Contact us now on 0800 056 2332 quote ref 150/573 for a FREE consultation290320128012903201281221052012854

Training at the Amtico Training Centre in Solihull

Tips & Advice for looking after your Amtico floor:

Scratching. Use fibre matting to remove excess grit, dirt and moisture. Sweep your floor more often. Use Amtico International Floor Dressing for that extra protection.
Scuffing. As part of your routine cleaning use Amtico International Floor Cleaner, or gently rub with a wet. non-scratch scouring pad recommended for non-stick saucepans.
Sticky Floor. If greasy, remove solids with absorbent paper then wash with diluted Amtico International Floor Cleaner. If there are dull residues, mop floor again and avoid exceeding the recommended concentrations of product. Avoid using ‘other’ cleaning products, for example washing up liquid.
Staining. Blot up spillage with absorbent paper and wash with diluted Amtico International Floor Cleaner. Use a wet non-scratch scouring pad if necessary then rub remaining stain with turpentine. Leave for 30 minutes, and then rinse with water.
Floor Indentation. Protect your floor under heavy furniture with wide bearing cups. For chairs and frequently moved furniture, use easy swivelling wide wheel casters or felt pads. The subfloor beneath the tiles may be permanently indented if load bearing devices are not used.

We can help you with all the above issues and your Amtico cleaning, restoration and dressing, so contact us now on 0800 056 2332 quote ref 150/573 for a FREE consultation.